What kind of website would you like designed?

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    What are the main objectives of the site?

    If you currently have a website, what do you like/dislike about it?

    Is there any additional add-ons or functionality you would like to add to your webpages?

    Some options:
    Newsletter sign up & sending systemInteractive gallery (Images / portfolio / video / music)News / Blog pagesMember registrationTicket / Voucher SalesSocial media integration (Facebook or Twitter feeds)Search functionE-commerce solutionsOnline booking / reservationEvent calendar / scheduleAnimation (describe)Illustrations (describe)Discussion forum / support forumSupport ticket systemAdditional online forms (Quotations / Survey / Trials)Download centre – manual / brochuresBranded Responsive Menus or mobile devicesRegister and login accountsProduct toursAdditional Google location mapsAdvertising system (Adsense)Web stats system (eg. Google Analytics)

    If you have selected any of the above please describe, or list any other functionality you would like within your website:

    If you selected E-commerce solutions or you want an E-commerce web package, how many products do you intend to sell & are you able to supply text and images for each product?

    What design elements already exist, do you have a logo, corporate colours, branding design, brochures, photographs, etc. and are you happy with the current design?

    Do you have anything in mind about the design, do you have a colour scheme or style you like? Please list and provide any images or web addresses.

    The information you provide in this section will help me better to understand your design requirements. Please fill in as much information as possible. 


    Need some help?

    If you are having any problems filling out this questionnaire, please contact me and I will help you with it.